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Xeriscaping by Colorado Living Spaces While it might be a landscaping buzzword, xeriscaping is actually a proven method of designing a yard to conserve water, lower your utility bill and create a show-stopping landscape for your Denver home or business. It makes use of native plants and species that thrive with minimal need for water or upkeep.

If you find yourself intrigued, but still have questions about this technique versus going with a standard lawn and plants, the Colorado Living Spaces team will be your guide. With our experience and insight to steer you in the right direction, you can easily maximize the benefits provided by xeriscaping.

During an initial consultation with our professionals, we can discuss potential designs and show you all the plant options that our landscape contractors can use to create a beautiful and environmentally friendly landscape that you will absolutely love. We can’t wait to get started on your upcoming project.

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The Basic Tenets of Effective Xeriscaping

Installing this type of landscaping isn’t just pouring gravel and planting a few succulents. It’s both art and science coming together to create a stunning outdoor space that preserves precious natural resources.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the principles behind this landscape design.

  1. Practical Design – When designing a yard space, our first priority is proper planning. We’ll take into account existing landscaping and structures, water sources and sun exposure, privacy and views, slopes and grades, as well as how you and your family will be using the yard.
  2. Right-Sized Grass or Turf – With proper soil preparation, xeriscaping can include a lawn or turf. However, it’s incorporated in a practical manner by adjusting the size, shape and grading.
  3. Plant Grouping – Along with selecting succulents and other plants that need minimal watering, we’ll group them according to their water and sun exposure requirements. This prevents under or overwatering, helps to conserve overall water use and will allow plants to thrive.
  4. Soil Amendments – Here in Colorado, especially along the Front Range, we have both sand and clay soil which present challenges whether or not you xeriscape. One way to overcome this is to use amendments such as compost to help retain moisture and reduce the need for watering.
  5. Surface Mulch – Along with retaining moisture at the roots, using wood or rubber mulch, rocks or other materials over the soil, reduces evaporation and runoff while keeping the soil cooler.
  6. Strategic Irrigation – Unlike a lawn that basically needs a good soak every few days, a xeriscaped yard calls for more finesse. Colorado Living Spaces will put together the perfect irrigation plan and install the necessary components, from soaker hoses and drip irrigation, to zoned timers and even water from rain barrels.
  7. Maintenance Plan – While xeriscaping requires minimal upkeep, it’s always best to prune plants and remove weeds, as well as fertilize when needed. We can certainly provide a few pointers.

While eco-friendly practices inside your Denver home or business is a great start, Colorado Living Spaces enables you to expand your efforts (but not your ecological footprint) into your outdoor spaces.

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