Native Colorado Style

Patio Garden - Zen pondDenver landscaping design has the ability to provide homeowners with unique palettes and local materials thanks to the natural beauty of the landscape surrounding them. The stones and woods available in the area are of the highest quality and exhibit colors and patterns that are unique within the United States. As a result, there is an individualized aesthetic that has developed in landscaping in this area of the country.

Often referred to as a “native Colorado” style, new trends in landscaping incorporate local resources, reclaimed materials, and develop an approach that mirrors the surrounding environment. Many of the popular landscaping designs in this vein of decorating create a delicate balance between vegetation and stonework. The stones are most often used to create patios, walkways, and landings that are surrounded plants that are indigenous to the region. The areas for planting are often created using stone and are placed at multiple levels in order to create visual interest.

Another common approach to landscaping in this area is to create an oasis that is juxtaposed to the surrounding flatland or desert. The idea of an oasis is strengthened by making natural pools, encompassed in stone that feed shrubbery and trees. Some of these pools are made for swimming while other simply add to the natural irrigation of the landscape being engineered. The stones can also be used to create waterfalls that feed into reflecting and swimming pools.

The stones that are put in place when engaging in Denver landscaping also have practical purposes as far as the health of the land and the environment are concerned. The barriers and walls that are combined with deep-rooted vegetation serve to lessen erosion and runoff in areas where this kind of geological activity can be detrimental. Fire pits and stone-formed chimneys are also popular pieces to incorporate into these kinds of designs in order to create a visual centerpiece that serves as an area for small gatherings and socializing.

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