Landscape Lighting

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Landscape Lighting

When the sun goes down, thoughtfully designed landscape lighting enables you to continue enjoying the ambiance of your yard. Based in Westminster and serving all of Denver, Colorado Living Spaces will help you develop a lighting system that’s practical, inviting and even provides a little romance. You can then take in the beauty of your landscape, host parties or just spend quality time with your family even when evening arrives. Don’t overlook this important component of your landscape design.

During your consultation with one of our landscape lighting experts, we can discuss all of your options:

  • Pathway lights to safely navigate both your front and backyard
  • Floodlights to showcase unique features or to provide security
  • Downlighting placed in an elevated position to mimic moonlight
  • Deck lights and post lights for improved visibility and ambiance
  • Spotlight to emphasize trees, plants, water features and more
  • Well lights embedded in the ground and used in various ways
  • Uplights, pond lights, and lights for shadow/silhouette effects

Whether your style or home’s architecture is modern, traditional, rustic or something more transitional, Colorado Living Spaces will design a lighting system that enhances your landscaping and home exterior, both in front and out back. We’ll look at all your options from LED or solar lights, to colors and finishes of fixtures and much more. Our team of contractors works on homes and businesses of all sizes, so no job is too small.

To discuss your landscape lighting design and installation needs, call today for a consultation.

4 Important Landscape Lighting Considerations

One of the most common types of clients that come to Colorado Living Spaces for help with landscape lighting are those that first went the DIY route. It’s certainly easy to pick up a pack of solar lights at any big box store – but what’s often missing is the design aspect. That’s where we can help.

Our landscape design experts will put together a plan that provides safe, beautiful lighting without the typical missteps such as creating a “runway” effect where path lights are placed too closely together or adding so much light that you can see your home from space. Our landscape contractors will install the perfect lighting features to achieve your desired effect.

Together, we’ll take a look at the following considerations:

  1. Determine use and function of your yard at night. Make sure all steps and pathways are lit for safety allowing you and any guests to move about freely without fear of falling.
  2. Identify specific areas for task or mood lighting. Provide powerful lights over the grill so you can accurately gauge a medium rare steak, then lower the lights in seating areas.
  3. Show off both natural features and built structures. A massive oak tree or your charming water feature should all be enjoyed with landscape lighting that adds a sense of drama.
  4. Create depth from your home to the fence. The perfect mix of lighting can highlight a home’s architecture then extend out to your deck, softscapes and fence line for a roomy feel.
To showcase your landscape at night, contact Colorado Living Spaces for a free quote.
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