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Landscape Designer Tips: The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

landscape designerWithout proper outdoor lighting, the beauty of your home exteriors will die out at night.

But you should be more worried about losing the functionality of your outdoor space. Or, the possibility of intruders sneaking into your home under the cover of darkness.

Installing landscape lights is one of the most rewarding projects you can do and a landscape designer can help you put together the perfect mix of beauty and function.

These lights are available as low-voltage lights and solar lights. Low-voltage lights plug into outdoor GCFI outlets connected to mains electricity. Solar lights are off-grid options that rely on solar energy to provide outdoor lighting.

Determining which objectives you intend to achieve by installing lighting systems in your home exteriors will help you choose the right outdoor lighting fixtures for your home.

Here are six great reasons to work with a landscape designer to install outdoor lighting.

1. Increasing the Functionality of Outdoor Areas

For homes without landscape lighting, sunset usually means it is time to go inside. This is because outdoor living spaces lose their functionality when it gets dark.

Installing outdoor lighting can help to increase the enjoyment of these living areas.

When the darkness sets in, you turn on the lights to continue seeing what you’re doing. This way, you’ll be able to make use of your outdoor living spaces throughout the year.

If you’re an outdoorsy person, you’re going to enjoy relaxing in your illuminated backyard. Lights that light up the driveway, walkways and the front door allow visitors to find your home with ease.

The extended functionality that landscape lighting can bring to your home exteriors at night is something you can’t afford to miss.

2. Beefing up Your Home Security

Like many other homeowners, you’re probably concerned about the security of your home. Hiring the right landscape designer to illuminate your yard can provide some peace of mind.

In 2017, 22,350 burglary cases were recorded statewide, according to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. This statistic shows that Colorado property owners need to think about the security of their properties.

While installing lighting systems outside your house won’t guarantee security, it can go a long way towards making your home a less likely target.

Nightfall provides the perfect conditions for intruders to creep into your home. Lighting up the darkest areas of your home can help to deter thieves, burglars and other intruders from trying to enter your property.

This is because they’ll know that chances of being seen and caught will be higher.

Note that landscape lighting works well as a security feature when used in tandem with other security systems such as security cameras and security alarm systems. Lights only help you see who’s outside.

3. Improving the Safety of Your Home

As a homeowner, you’re generally responsible for the safety of the people on your property. If someone gets hurt while they’re on your property, you can be held liable for their injuries by law.

Strategic illumination of your residential landscape can help to increase the safety of your yard, driveway, deck, and more. This is because people will be able to see where they’re going, and thus avoid potential trips and falls.

What’s more, people generally feel safer walking or relaxing outside when the lighting is good.

If you’re looking to install outdoor lighting with safety in mind, make sure your landscape designer knows it is one of your main goals.

4. Adding Curb Appeal to the Entire Property

Landscape lighting can increase the beauty of your entire property in two main ways.

First off, it helps to highlight the beauty of your home exteriors when it gets dark. This way, the beauty of your house as well as that of the hardscape and softscape surrounding it won’t disappear at night.

Lights pointed at the beautiful architectural elements of your house or your favorite plants can highlight the curb appeal of your home. This way, you can showcase your home’s visual appeal no matter the time of the day it is.

Secondly, the right outdoor lighting works great as a decorative touch to your home. Use a flashlight that features spot and flood modes to see how different styles of lighting look at night.

Your landscape designer can walk you through all the options to bring your home to life when the sun goes down.

5. Convenient Operation of the Lights

Outdoor lights can be set up to turn on and off automatically when sunset and sunrise set in.

This way, you won’t have to worry about getting home in time to turn on the lights or waking up early in the morning to turn them off.

Wireless lighting systems, home automation, and smartphone apps can all help to ensure convenient operation of outdoor lights.

A professional landscape designer can help you choose the best lighting design for your outdoor lighting.

Check out reasons to hire Denver landscape design specialists here.

6. Increasing the Value of Your Property

Home buyers are increasingly putting a premium on well-lit exteriors. As a result, properties with landscape lighting are selling faster than those without it.

Plus, outdoor lighting can increase the value of your property.

In case you decide to sell your home at some point in the future, you can always recoup the money you spent on outdoor lighting installation.

Ask a Professional Landscape Designer Install Your Outdoor Lighting Today

From increasing curb appeal, safety and security to making your outdoor areas more functional year-round, landscape lighting can deliver a range of great benefits to any home.

But you need to rank your needs and goals before commencing the project.

The best landscaping lighting is one that meets your individual mix of goals and also falls within your budget. After reading through the above-discussed benefits, take time to establish what matters the most to you.

Once you’ve established your key priorities, consider hiring a seasoned landscape designer. They can help you come up with ideas to maximize the full potential of your outdoor lighting project.

At Colorado Living Spaces, we enjoy turning landscaping ideas into reality. No job is too big or small for us to do.

Get in touch to ask any landscaping design questions you may have or to get a quote for your project. Our team is waiting to hear from you!

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