Irrigation System Installation & Repair

Colorado Living Spaces, Serving all of Denver Metro

irrigation system installation

An irrigation system and sprinklers can be vital to the upkeep and beauty of your yard and garden. Here at Colorado Living Spaces, we can professionally repair your existing system or install a custom-designed system that will keep your outdoor spaces looking lush and healthy.

We’ve been working with Denver home and business owners for many years, serving the communities of Westminster, Highlands Ranch, Cherry Creek and just about every neighborhood in the metro area. You can trust our experienced and friendly team for:

  • Irrigation/sprinkler repairs, expansions, renovations
  • System planning, design and professional installation
  • Installation of rotor, stream and fixed spray sprinklers
  • Installation of drip system for flower beds, vegetables
  • Sprinkler zoning for maximum coverage & cost control
  • Upgrading controller to a Wi-Fi enabled smart system
  • Water-saving options such as rain or moisture sensors

The Colorado Living Spaces team knows that investing in an irrigation system installation is a significant expense. We will work with you to construct a system that fits your budget now and can potentially save you money on your water bill in the years to come. And if you ever decide to sell your home, assuring a buyer that they won’t need to waste time watering by hand is a great way to help close the deal.

To discuss your irrigation system installation needs, give us a call for a free quote.

Do I Really Need an Irrigation System?

When potential clients come to us for help with their landscape, they often ask if allocating budget for sprinklers and an irrigation system is necessary. The short answer is no. You can absolutely spend your valuable weekends watering the grass, remembering to move the hose sprinkler around the yard and hoping that you don’t overwater or underwater your grass and other softscapes. However, adding an irrigation system comes with a plethora of upsides.

Top 10 Reasons to Install Sprinklers:
  1. They’re convenient with none of the hassles mentioned above
  2. It’s safer than leaving a hose out for you or the kids to trip over
  3. An automated system can be set to water at the optimal time
  4. Adjustments and sensors ensure the right amount of watering
  5. You can go on vacation without coming home to yellow grass
  6. Protects your property value now and resale value in the future
  7. Keeps you compliant with HOA rules and prevents possible fines
  8. Makes neighbors happy and provides pride of home ownership
  9. Saves time and money using less water than watering by hand
  10. Prevents the expense of repairing an unhealthy or dying lawn
custom front yard landscaping

As you can see, there are a lot of upsides to irrigation system installation, and Colorado Living Spaces is just the team you need to call. We’ll measure your space, discuss your specific needs and put together a customized plan that’s good for the environment, great for your yard and excellent for your wallet. We strive to be Denver’s best landscape company – both in our design and construction – and look forward to showing you what we can achieve.

Regain your weekends with an irrigation system by Colorado Living Spaces. Call for a free quote.