stone patio

Flagstone patios are an investment for any home

If you want a high-quality landscape design for your home and are considering patio options, flagstone could be a good material to go for. Flagstone patios are a great addition to any landscaping project, here’s why.

  • Flagstone is an excellent material for your yard due to its narrow packed joints that allow water to pervade.
  • Additionally, its earthy shades of browns, blues, grays, reds, and shapes give it a very organic, natural look.
  • Flagstone is a durable material that can last you for years and is resistant to slip, making it a viable material for your yard design.
  • You can go for irregular flagstones to achieve an informal look or regular ones for a formal look.

Colorado Living Spaces is happy to help you design your patio to improve your landscape’s aesthetics. Contact us today for quality designs.

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