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patio installation by colorado living spacesChoose the pro landscaping team at Colorado Living Spaces for a patio installation that will transform your Denver metro yard into an inviting retreat. Whether you prefer natural stone or cement pavers, you can trust that we prioritize dependable, high-quality work above anything else.

With the help of our knowledgeable and experienced experts, it’s easy to design an outdoor space that meets your exact needs. If you host large parties or just want a place to relax after a long day, Colorado Living Spaces will listen closely to your ideas and requests, then plan and install a patio you’ll love.

Along the way, you’re welcome to ask questions and be as involved as you feel comfortable. We believe in open communication at every step and are committed to delivering a breathtaking final product.

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Stone & Flagstone Patio Installation

Flagstone is one of many natural stone options available for a patio installation at your Denver home. Other choices include slate, limestone, bluestone and others. What our pros at Colorado Living Spaces appreciate most about flagstone is that it arrives in a variety of rough-cut shapes and sizes. We’ll then install your patio like a puzzle, creating an organic flow that provides a casual and zen-like ambiance.

Of course, if you prefer more clean lines or wish to use stone for specific applications like steps, our team can cut pieces to size. This will create a more linear and tailored look while still feeling connected to the natural surroundings of your backyard. It’s truly up to your vision – we’re here to bring it to life.

Once your stone patio has been installed, we’ll then fill the spaces in between to complete the look. You can select from common options like gravel, crushed rock and sand, or create a more seamless look with cement or a joint filler. Want a more lush look? We can add moss or another traffic-friendly ground cover.

stone walkway
stone patio

Paver Patio Installation

Brick to stone, concrete, even composites made of recycled materials, pavers are a versatile option for your patio project. They come in a variety of colors and shapes with some that can even be dyed for a custom look. Compared to flagstone, this often more affordable option can be used to achieve a clean, contemporary look with repeating patterns such as herringbone.

If you want to install a paver patio at your home or business here in the Denver metro, you may consider going the DIY route. However, our Colorado Living Spaces experts will get the job done right the first time by taking all of the following factors into consideration during the install:

  • Make sure there is adequate slope on the patio, generally 1-2 inches. A patio should be slightly higher from the house position and a few inches lower than the exit positions.
  • Ensure foundation pavers are level. This is an important step since it will ensure that the rest of the stones being used are able to fit together and provide a smooth, safe surface.
  • If the design requires that 90-degree angles be formed where pavers join, both stones must be cut at 45 degrees so they come together to make that perfect 90-degree angle.
  • Take into account the need to order extra pavers in case one breaks or you wish to expand.

Is a Paver or Stone Patio Right for Your Denver Metro Home?

We all want that perfect space where we can host our friends, families and loved ones. And although it might seem like decks are all the rage, a stone or paver patio installation allows you to break away from the more traditional wood deck look and give your home that little something extra. Both materials are wonderful for creating a living space that will last for years to come and require minimal maintenance.

Along with years of enjoyment, a stone or paver patio can even help improve your home’s resale value down the road. After buyers look inside your home, they’ll step out into the one place everyone wants to be, a perfectly landscaped backyard oasis with quality stonework and comfortable seating areas.

For peace of mind, call the patio installation experts at Colorado Living Spaces in Westminster!