Denver Landscape Design

Landscaping completes and defines your property. A good design will take into account key features of the lot and the architectural design of your home so that it enhances the curb appeal and value of your home. The design should also take into consideration other factors like sun, shade, views and access points, such as doors, walkways and driveways. Your landscape design should be a collaborative effort to ensure that it accommodates your lifestyle and reflects your unique taste.

The local climate of the Denver Front Range supports a wide variety of beautiful plantings whose colors change with the seasons to produce a vibrant year-round garden. Modern landscaping features clean lines, grassy lawns, hardscapes and accent lighting. A well thought out modern Denver landscape design will include smart sprinkler and drip irrigation systems that minimize water usage, which reduce the time and expense required to maintain the grounds. Denver’s climate is an important consideration because it affects the amount of time required to maintain certain plantings.

In lieu of a modern lawn and flowerbeds, xeriscape is an environmentally friendly design that incorporates native plants and trees that require little or no maintenance. The incorporation of decorative boulders and water features create a more natural and scenic look.

Other landscape designs include traditional and Mediterranean styles. Complementing Colonial and Craftsman style homes, traditional gardens feature brick and stone for walls, patios and walkways, lush gardens and wrought iron or picket fences. Mediterranean gardens incorporate stone, concrete and ceramics as well as earth tone hues and bright color accents to recreate the ambiance of Southern European courtyards.

You can also opt for a design that features outdoor living areas, such as a patio and outdoor kitchen. Whichever option you choose, our design team has the knowledge and skills to create the perfect outdoor oasis that serves form and function.

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