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Denver Landscape Architects and How They Transform a Yard

If you’re looking to update your Denver yard or property, you may not be quite sure what to search for to find the right expert for the job. You’ll typically find landscapers, landscape designers and Denver landscape architects.

Today, Colorado Living Spaces focuses on “architects” and what you can expect from these types of professionals. There are three key areas to understand.

Augment a Lawn’s Natural Features

If you want to have an attractive lawn at your home, then hire Denver landscape architects to create a beautiful design. A knowledgeable architect can use the natural features of your property’s landscape to improve the appearance of a home’s exterior. With the correct landscaping, the tall trees, rock formations or gentle slopes on your property will look better. A landscape architect can analyze the soil on your property to determine the best type of fertilizer to add to it in order to grow healthier grass, flowers and shrubs.

Choosing Gorgeous Flowers & Plantings

You might not understand how to choose plants for a lawn that will grow in shady areas underneath a tree, but a landscape architect learns about different flowers while in school to select the best variety for a property. Instead of having colorful flowers for only a few weeks, a landscape expert will use different plants that grow throughout the summer in order to keep your lawn looking fantastic. If you don’t want to water your plants each day, then a landscape architect can install an irrigation system on your property.

Denver Landscape Architects Design Hardscapes

In addition to adding foliage to your home’s lawns, you may want to install permanent hardscape, including pathways through a garden or a waterfall next to a pond. A landscape architect can also design patios that are perfect for barbecuing with features such as built-in kitchens and deluxe seating areas. Expert landscape architects can offer design solutions for a home’s front yard in addition to its backyard.

To learn more about how our Denver landscape architects can transform your outdoor space, get in touch with Colorado Living Spaces today.

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