Denver Flagstone Walkways

Cozy Wooden Benches in Row on Stone PatioFlagstone Walkways in Denver

Flagstone walkways provide so many options in landscape design. They delineate walking routes, of course, but in a beautiful presentation. There are many different colors and tones of this kind of stone, and it can be used to form eye-catching structures.

Walkways can be laid to go from point A to point B, but they can also make lawn space look like something special. Regular geometric shapes or abstract designs can incorporate walking paths into almost any type of space, large or small. Color and shape can transport the walker to a “walking experience” in some cases.

Flagstone walks that meander through a garden define the spaces and make plantings more interesting. Grays, browns, reds, greens and blues are stone colors that enhance any lawn or garden area. Green plants and colorful flowers become highlighted in frames of stone.

Grass looks spectacular framed by flagstone walkways. Even tiny amounts of grass appear special when set off by stone design. Designate a spot for an exotic grass, and boom, it’s a focal point. Siting and arrangement are key, and a landscape designer knows how to do this in any size or shape of outdoor space.

Colorado Living Spaces can do this for home and business owners who want to attract attention with outdoor design. We’ll create a design for your space. You can enjoy the kudos.

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