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Purple flowers

Low-maintenance landscape design ideas

If you’re thinking of landscaping your yard, you’ve probably thought about the maintenance needs that come along. Luckily, with a low-maintenance landscape, you can make your yard more attractive without spending all your time tending to it. Here are some great low-maintenance landscape design ideas to consider. Adding a patio or outdoor kitchen so that…
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save water landscaping

Tip of the Week: Be smart about outdoor water use

Much of Colorado is experiencing some form of drought right now. It’s a reminder that water is a valuable and limited resource, especially in our state. Since July is Smart Irrigation Month, consider how you can use technology to use water more efficiently, which saves money while protecting this critical resource. The Irrigation Association offers…
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Xeriscape landscaping

What exactly is xeriscaping?

All businesses have a private language of jargon that is used regularly but only within their specific field. We’ve recognized that one such term is xeriscaping. Xeriscaping refers to a process of landscaping that eliminates or substantially reduces the need for any supplemental irrigation. It’s derived from xeros, which means ‘dry’. The process works by…
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backyard kitchen and bbq

Outdoor kitchen stove design ideas

Cooking and eating a meal in your yard is a great way to enjoy the weather and entertain your guests. However, hauling food and supplies from your main kitchen can be a hassle as you have to keep running back and forth. Here are some outdoor kitchen stove design ideas that ensure you have a…
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summer landscaping

Tip of the Week: Do’s and don’ts during a heat wave

We’ve had some hot days lately, and with more heat in the forecast, we need to keep our edible gardens healthy. Here are three do’s and three don’ts for helping your vegetables thrive despite the high temperatures. DO: Know how and when to water. Water either early in the morning or in the early evening–at…
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best curb appeal landscaper

Key questions to answer before starting a landscaping design

What should it look like and how will you use it? When potential clients talk to us about crafting a landscape design around their property, these are two of the key areas we are happy to spend much time discussing. The second question often comes first. A landscape that is going to be full of…
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summer landscaping ideas

Tip of the Week: Make a place for pollinators

Next week is Pollinator Week. To celebrate, invite pollinators into your landscape. It’s good for them, and it’s good for your garden. What do pollinators do for us? Scientists estimate that one out of every three bites of food we eat are made possible by pollinators. More than just bees Pollinators come in all shapes…
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green grass landscaping

Tip of the Week: Is your lawn stressed?

Looks like temps are heating up again. Your lawn might start to look brown or stressed, but resist the urge to simply water more. There are good reasons NOT to turn up the water until you check what’s going on with the lawn. There are fungus problems that can turn your lawn brown—almost overnight. And…
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landscaping flowers

Pretty perennials are easy and reliable

Last week we talked about colorful, low-water annuals for your containers. Now let’s discuss the benefits of water-wise perennials. They are low-maintenance, need little water, and, if properly established, won’t need to be replaced each season. Water-wise perennials need more water during their first growing season to become established, but in following growing seasons require…
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backyard kitchen

‘If you build it, they will come’

A line from that terrific movie Field of Dreams. Some were skeptical that this would happen – yet the baseball field was built and they did come. This seems like an appropriate thought for our current situation. It may be called ‘the new normal’ but outdoor living will find its true place again. Friends and…
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summer flowers planting

Tip of the Week: Beautiful, water-efficient annuals

In Colorado, we love our landscapes and are spending more time outdoors where we can enjoy them. While we had some rain early this week, we are reminded that drought is a fact of life in our state. We should look for plants that are easy to grow, can handle summer heat, and don’t need…
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backyard stream landscaper

4 times when you need to hire a landscape designer

Designing your dream landscape can be challenging whether you’ve moved into a new home or want to improve your current yard. However, many homeowners assume landscaping projects are doable due to the numerous DIY videos on the internet. But it’s better to leave your landscape design to the professionals for the best results. Here are…
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