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3 common landscaping mistakes

When you travel through town, you can quickly notice unkempt fencing, trees that have grown too close to houses, and color combinations that are not appealing at all. Here are three landscape design mistakes that stick out to every landscaper.

Poor maintenance

It is essential to keep your yard looking fresh. If you have limited time to care for your yard, hire a well-trained gardener to keep it in good shape.

Heavy pruning

Pruning is an art, just like trimming, and there is a high possibility of removing too much during the process. Take your time, assess, and think about how to conduct your pruning before embarking on the real action.

Mixing several colors

Often, homeowners tend to mix many colors in their landscaping. Try to keep your color palette limited to three colors.

Your turn

If you hire a professional landscape designer, your yard can be both functional and pleasing to the eye.

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